Life 101: 5 Marketing Tips You Never Learned In Business School

Marketing Tips
1. Different marketing strategies suit different personalities.

While marketing courses will teach you the multitudes of different marketing methods out there, the truth is that for the small business owner, there may be only a handful that really suit you and your business. You want to find what works for you and weed out those marketing avenues best suited for someone else. For example, if you craft a great product but have an introverted or socially awkward personality, you probably want to avoid networking groups. Instead, focus on getting your product itself noticed. Use your strengths when you market, not your weaknesses.

2. Regularly ask your customers and staff for input.

When it comes to brainstorming, two heads are better than one. Many businesses miss out on these untapped resources. Your staff works on the front lines every day, and your employees probably have at least one or two good marketing ideas that you have never thought of. Your customers like and use your product or service regularly, so make a point to ask them how you can reach more people. Chances are that they, like your employees, have great ideas too and would love to see your business succeed.

3. Sometimes all you need is one great connection.

Catching a “big fish” happens to businesses way more often than people think. Be open to the possibility that any client could be that one big client who changes your business volume forever. On a grand scale, this would be someone like Oprah Winfrey. While most businesses are not likely to catch the attention of Oprah, most businesses do have the ability to catch the attention of clients whose word spreads like wildfire or who brings back half the city as new customers.

4. There is such a thing as too much marketing.

Everyone who has ever gone to a networking lunch has seen those small business owners with tons of marketing material and no customers. And no one ever wants to be them! These people put all their effort into making tons of promotional materials like business cards, flyers, ads, and pamphlets. Unfortunately, they also put no effort into building their business! Marketing is more than just creating materials, and it should never become the proverbial cart that comes before the horse.

5. Sometimes no marketing is best.

If your business still has a lot of bugs that need working out, has customer service issues, or simply lacks the ability to handle greater volume, do not start a marketing campaign! Fix your problems first. You want to ensure that any new customers brought in by your new marketing methods will have a great experience.

About the author: Casey Haslem is a professional writer for SmartPress that specializes in online printer booklets. She enjoys hiking, the outdoors and spending time with her family

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