Advertising Ideas That Make People Work For You

There’s no form of advertising that’s more effective than word of mouth. When customers spread a brand on their own accord, it’s free advertising and it is advertising of the highest quality. Instead of businesses spending inordinate amounts of time trying to convince potential consumers that a brand or product is worthwhile, there are agents doing the work for free. If companies can regularly find ways for individuals to do their marketing for them, they can save a lot of time, energy, and money in the process.

There are a number of classic examples of advertising ideas that spread a brand naturally. Providing consumers with T-shirts that display a brand’s image is the most common method. Other ideas include giving away umbrellas on rainy days, providing hats at sunny sporting events, and giving away bumper stickers to adorn vehicles. When businesses can turn their very customers into billboards, they are taking advantage of free advertising with loads of exposure.

Another advertising idea that builds a brand through organic methods is running a contest. By giving away something as simple as one product, people will spread the word for free. Instead of paying for advertising across a variety of networks and media, providing one free product will have people advertising across blogs, social networks, and word of mouth. Getting the word out to one individual creates a branching network of awareness that carries a brand and product with it. Interested audiences are reached naturally, and the solicitation comes from an inherently trusted source instead of a random company advertising a random product.

Getting people to advertise things on their own is one of the most effective methods of marketing. Not only because it places the impetus on others to spread the word, but also because potential customers are more likely to pay attention and take action from a source they trust. Friends and acquaintances, real people, not nameless businesses and organizations, are the ones making the recommendations. This builds trust naturally and garners a more aware and conscious consumer base.

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