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My last post was about effective promotions at trade shows. But attracting people to your booth and handing them a corporate freebie does no good unless that exchange actually results in the booth visitor becoming a customer, right? So, what are you going to put on your corporate freebie, trade booth banner, or handout? Obviously, you have to have a way for the customer to find you again: a website, phone number, street address. But that’s not enough. You want something that appeals to that potential customer, makes them want to BE a customer, and sticks in their brain.

This last concept is key. Advertising is only effective in this fast-paced, over-stimulated world, if you have a simple and memorable message: a sound bite. I heard someone explain a sound bite as “maximum impact in minimum words” — nicely done — a good sound bite in itself. That’s a phrase that I remembered, though I must confess, I can’t recall who said it. It might have been Susan Harrow. Susan is a media coach & marketing expert.

Next Wednesday, May 30, at 1 PM Eastern Time (10 AM Pacific Time), Susan is going to be running a FREE 90 Minute Teleseminar / Webinar “Speak in Sound Bites: 5 Strategies to Get More Clients, Customers, and Sales, and Become a Media Darling” on exactly this topic.

Susan says that the tactics she teaches for developing sound bites, can be used in any setting: casual conversations, advertisements, presentations, media releases and more. Susan also told me to mention that if you’ve sat in on prior teleseminars she’s given about this topic, that there is new stuff you won’t want to miss this time around.

You’ll learn:

1) 4 simple steps to craft your Signature Sound bites so they sell your business, book, product service or cause to your ideal audience.

2) Susan’s secrets to tripling your sales during your media appearance. This simple formula works like magic. Not knowing this used to cost her clients thousands of dollars a month in lost revenue – before they learned this from Susan, but Susan is going to teach it to you so you can quickly learn from their mistakes.

3) 5 Surefire Strategies to get more clients, customers and sales and become a media darling.

PLUS: Interactive Q&A to answer questions asked by you and others.

BONUS: The secret mindset that spies use to seduce their lovers and enemies.

Here’s the link to reserve your spot in this complimentary Teleseminar / Webinar.

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Advertising in Sound Bites

Fame isn’t just for American Idol singers, Lady Gaga, and CEO's. Publicity coverage is available to anyone who has the right idea at the right time for the right audience— and can deliver it in the right way.

The last part is key. And it’s where most people fail.

Media coach, marketing strategist and author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul, Susan Harrow has been working with both famous and unknowns for over 20 years. She claims to have the secret sauce that can turn anyone into a media darling virtually overnight.

It’s called sound bites.

Click here for information on Susan's Sound Bites Course and tips on getting publicity
for your business (a.k.a Free Advertising).

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