Biggest difference between Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising

To understand the difference between advertising using Google Adwords and advertising on Facebook, you have to understand why people visit Google versus why they visit Facebook.

People visit Google (or type a word or phrase into their Google toolbar) because they are looking for information, often times to solve a problem. This may or may not be the sort of issue they want to share with others. For instance those searching on hemorrhoids or hemorrhoid treatments, probably would prefer that their friends and family not all be aware they are looking for such information. Similarly, people who need the services of a credit counselor, are again, not likely to want everyone in their Facebook circle to be aware of the situation.

Occasionally people are Googling on information that they would be fine going out to their social network, such as ‘best price on flat screen tv” But, even with such a Google topic, you can see there is a purpose to the information, a goal to achieve.

People visit Facebook on the other hand, to say hi to friends, to kill time, to catch the latest gossip or news from family and friends. People like to sound off on Facebook and the only POINT to Facebook is to communicate, to share. So again…. people don’t take their problems and personal issues to Facebook, or certainly most people don’t.

In terms of products and marketing on Facebook, the key is to find what aspect of the market or product people are likely to what to chat about. As my Facebook expert put it, people aren’t going to “Like” Bob’s Used Autos, but they might “Like” Miata Sports Cars. Facebook fan pages should be constructed around the idea of promoting conversation and about sharing, asking questions. It’s a very different mentality and understanding the mindset of the Google user versus the mindset of a Facebook user is the key to effective advertising on either platform.

Also, to be aware, advertising a Facebook fan page through a Facebook ad is usually more successful than advertising a website outside of Facebook. Facebook is structured to try and keep users on Facebook, so without going into all the specifics, it’s best to use a Facebook ad to try and get a user to a Facebook fan page and then after engaging that user on that page, THEN consider advertising something outside of Facebook.

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