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Radio Television Interview Report (RTIR) Reviews

I’ve often gotten mailers promoting Steve Harrison’s Radio TV Interview Report. Since most of the seminars and products that I’ve seen Steve Harrison offer for book publicity have HUGE price tags, I tossed this stuff into the garbage.

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Radio Advertising for Cosmetic Surgery

Radio Advertising for Cosmetic Surgery should emphasize the following:

  • the ability for customers to get all their questions answered while making their surgery decision, pre-surgery and post-surgery
  • affordability – both in terms of price and any financing offered
  • convenience – do you have evening appointments available or is the location convenient?

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Expert Advice Column

Advertising in Sound Bites

Fame isn’t just for American Idol singers, Lady Gaga, and CEO's. Publicity coverage is available to anyone who has the right idea at the right time for the right audience— and can deliver it in the right way.

The last part is key. And it’s where most people fail.

Media coach, marketing strategist and author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul, Susan Harrow has been working with both famous and unknowns for over 20 years. She claims to have the secret sauce that can turn anyone into a media darling virtually overnight.

It’s called sound bites.

Click here for information on Susan's Sound Bites Course and tips on getting publicity
for your business (a.k.a Free Advertising).

Radio Publicity Guru

If you are looking for information about how to get on radio talk shows, then you should start at Alex Carroll's web site, get his free list of top radio talk shows, and discover if radio could be the right way for you to get your message out.