Customer First? A Must for Advertising and Marketing

A lot of business advice talks about putting the customer first – from product design to marketing to product delivery and customer service. But what does putting the customer first really mean?

To put the customer first, you must identify your customer or potential customer and understand them.

Identifying your customer must be more than identifying their demographic. Give your “typical” customer a name, Bob, John, Susan, Dave. How old are they? Are they married, single? What kind of car do they drive? (this makes it easier for people to picture a real person)

Next, figure out what is their main pain, fear, frustration or want? Or their main pain or want that YOU will be helping them with.

Where does this pain or desire come from? What solution has Susan (my customer is named Susan) sought before? What vision can you paint for Susan after using your product?

To put your customer first, you MUST give your customer a name and a face. You can actually choose a real customer or invent one. Then consider your customer in all your business decisions, but particularly in your marketing and advertising. Susan (your customer) should feel like you are talking to her. It is much easier to chat with one person than with all the masses out there.

Okay, that’s your advertising idea for the day!

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