Different Advertising Idea — Opposite of Benefit Selling

Everyone knows that to sell, you have to talk about benefits to potential buyers. You have to motivate buyers to want your product and you can best do so by helping them picture the benefit to themselves. But Simon Sinek has a different idea about advertising or causing others to take any action, whether it is making a purchase, working longer hours, or voting for a political candidate. You can listen to him explain it, and the secret formula that he believes is what made Apple successful, here:

One part of what he says DOES line up with every marketing, copywriter and advertising expert that I’ve ever heard which is: People buy based on emotions. They may JUSTIFY their action with logic, but the actual decision is an emotional decision always. For those of us who believe ourselves to be logical creatures, this can be tough to admit, but we must keep this thought in mind when developing a marketing strategy.

So do you agree with Sinek — that companies need to start with WHY?

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