Five Free Online Advertising Ideas for Your Small Budget Business

For every new business launched on the market, coming up with a couple of free advertising ideas is must, no matter what marketing campaigns may be run later. Investments are hard to make when the business is not bringing any profits, which is why everything that comes for free should be exploited.

As for a small business, paid advertising is, in most cases, out of the question and the owner calls himself or herself lucky to have set up a website. However, that website can be successfully advertised online, using the following methods:

1. Make sure the website is attractive, includes relevant information for your activity, is well organized and with a suggestive name. You can even post informative articles on your blog at least once a week, to lure the search engines and give your visitors something interesting to read.

2. Create suggestive profiles on all the major social networks. Add photos, descriptions of your products and as many “friends” as possible. Helpful posts and catchy tag lines will make people curious about your business.

3. Create profiles on all the major forums in your niche and join the discussions. If you provide relevant answers, you can sneak in a link to your website, but it is best to disguise it in your signature.

4. Visit as many blogs as possible, preferably with a high page rank and comment on the posts. There is a field where you can include your link, on the condition that you post relevant comments, to avoid having them labeled as spam.

5. Open an account on articles directories, like Ezine, Squidoo, eHow, etc., and write and publish articles related to your activity, providing general information, advice, etc. You get the right to fill in a resource box with the link to your website and a short presentation of yourself or of your business. If your articles are convincing enough, you will most certainly attract hundreds or thousands of visitors to your website and, implicitly, buyers.

Of course, there are many other free advertising ideas you could use, but, as an entrepreneur, chances are you barely have time to follow the ones above, especially since you need to keep an eye on the competition and the market tendencies.

Being up to date with these details and updating your website regularly is very important for the success of your business, perhaps just as important as implementing all the free advertising ideas you can find.

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