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The world of mobile advertising is still in its infancy despite mobile phones reaching full market penetration years ago. With the ever-increasing share of people’s time being dedicated to mobile apps, mobile advertising becomes a more important aspect of every business’ marketing initiative, whether the business is online or not. Local and national business alike have to take advantage of the opportunities that mobile advertising offers before they fall too far behind the advancing market, losing their share of the mobile space and consumers’ attention.

Mobile Advertising - Are Smart Phones the Next Cash Machine?

Mobile Advertising - Are Smart Phones the Next Cash Machine?

Mobile advertising ideas have been limited in creativity and execution until recently. Simple text ads that would just occupy space at the bottom of an app’s screen were as complex as mobile ads got until the last year or two. With the advancing technology of cell phones and the apps that fill them, mobile ads have advanced recently as well. Video ads that play between levels of a game, or audio ads that play between songs on a streaming music app are much more common. These ads offer a natural level of integration that captures user’s attention without overwhelming them or interrupting their experience too severely. Much like commercials have become a standard part of the television experience, these kinds of advertising ideas have become a staple of the mobile ad market.

One interesting way ads have been worked out of the mobile application space is through pay-for-use options. Instead of users being subjected to advertisements, some apps will have paid versions that are advertisement free, as opposed to the standard free versions which include ads. This allows users an interesting choice. They can choose to hear ads or pay to avoid them. This separation is ideal for potential advertisers, as it clearly separates individuals who have no interest in ads from those who are more likely to take action on clever or engaging advertisements.
Considering how young the mobile advertising scene still is, it will be interesting to watch the trajectory of the mobile advertising market. Will there be new and creative advertising ideas that better integrate with apps and other phone services? Will advertisements be better targeted to localities, or users of specific demographics? Only time will tell where things head, but the world of mobile advertising will undoubtedly be the primary focus of future advertising initiatives regardless.

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