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If you are a small or a new business owner, then you’ll find yourself in a dilemma. You’ll quickly start to realize that you can’t earn revenue without marketing and advertising your business. On the other hand, marketing and advertising generally costs money. So, how in the world would you go about creating more money for your business through advertising, when you have little or no money for advertising?

You could use a variety of free online resources for your advertising needs.

First, you could utilize the free online article directories. Many business owners have used article directories as a means of advertising via educating readers about their products and services. No matter what product or service you offer, you could always create an article based upon a topic that is relative to what you have to offer. Engagement is key, with regards to advertising today. Therefore, creating educational articles often proves to be a very engaging method of advertising one’s product or service.

When is the last time that you’ve tooted your own horn, with regards to promoting your new products or services? You can do so for free when you post a press release on one of the free online press release directories. These websites not only spread the news about what you are promoting, but these websites also produce useful backlinks to your website. More backlinks means more online traffic to your website and best of all, the backlinks are also free!

There are a wide variety of methods that you could use, in order to promote your business or your product. There are also lots of articles posted online, regarding the topic. Yes, you will find that you will have to devote time in engaging in these free online promotional avenues. However, the methods that you will come across for promoting your business online for free will get you well on your way to making money

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Advertising in Sound Bites

Fame isn’t just for American Idol singers, Lady Gaga, and CEO's. Publicity coverage is available to anyone who has the right idea at the right time for the right audience— and can deliver it in the right way.

The last part is key. And it’s where most people fail.

Media coach, marketing strategist and author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul, Susan Harrow has been working with both famous and unknowns for over 20 years. She claims to have the secret sauce that can turn anyone into a media darling virtually overnight.

It’s called sound bites.

Click here for information on Susan's Sound Bites Course and tips on getting publicity
for your business (a.k.a Free Advertising).

Radio Publicity Guru

If you are looking for information about how to get on radio talk shows, then you should start at Alex Carroll's web site, get his free list of top radio talk shows, and discover if radio could be the right way for you to get your message out.