Trade Show Tips

Here are some tips from an expert on advertising or promoting your business at a trade show:

Trade shows and fairs are a great place to show off your company’s skills and brand image, and the competition can be fierce to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd. Being eye-catching is easy with the right stand – you’re after a good colour scheme and simple branding that is easy to read amongst a crowd. Colour wise, go for bright, bold colours that complement each other, or stick to a more monochrome palette of sleek black and silver. Decorative prints can also look great on stands if they fit in with your business. Boarding should look sturdy and expensive and you should stick your logo anywhere and everywhere so that delegates can identify you quickly.

Now onto the good stuff: corporate promotional gifts!

Freebies and branded items are the gold-dust of trade fairs and you need to make sure that yours stand out from the crowd! The best gifts to hand out are things that are useful yet unusual – items that other companies won’t have thought of. Usefulness is essential; if your gift is useful and features your brand image then recipients will use it every day, giving you continual advertising! Any attendee will love a cup of nice strong coffee to see them through the talks and seminars – why not hand out branded thermoses filled with coffee? Or even hot chocolate! If it’s an evening event you could even hand out hip flasks filled with a small tipple of your choice (always a winner)! USB sticks are also a popular gift, because they always come in handy and can be easily slipped into a pocket or bag. Ideally, you need something desirable, easy to carry and well branded. Big, simple logos are best, but memorable quotes or phone numbers can prove equally effective. Get the gift right, and you could win a customer for life!

So I don’t know about you, but the tip that jumped out at me was the idea of someone offering a coffee mug WITH coffee in it! Wow, what a concept. That one would get my attention. I’m sure logistically it’s difficult and you are likely to run out. But I think I’d rather have the problem of too many people eagerly seeking my promotional item, then to be standing sadly at the side of a trade show offering one more promo just like a dozen other booths. Now I just need to decide what to PUT on my coffee mugs….. I’m going to cover that in my next post. Stay tuned!

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