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Press Release:For Immediate Release
Location: New York

CAC-TV (Corporate America Channel Television) announced today its newest reality tv show: Resource Action Mud Wrestling, starting in May and airing Sundays at 10 PM EST. A spokesperson for CAC-TV said the company is proud to be breaking new ground, taking necessary staff reductions and creating a source of entertainment.

Each episode of Resource Action Mud Wrestling will feature four mud wrestling matches. Contestants will be profiled and interviewed before heading to 'the swamp' where they will face a fellow CAC-TV employee matched with them according to salary, without regard to sex, age or weight.

A CAC-TV management team will judge which CAC-TV employees won the match and retain their jobs and which should file for unemployment. Viewers can text in any losing employee's id number and save one employee per show. The small number of employees lost each week (three) was chosen to allow a long successful run for Resource Action Mud Wrestling without depleting the company of employees too quickly.

Contestants must wear enough clothing to pass censors. Episodes will be prerecorded to allow editing of unexpected nudity or foul language.

CAC's CEO, Gabriella Yvonne-Palmer was asked if she would be participating in Resource Action Mud Wrestling in order to maintain her position at the head of CAC-TV. Looking pleased, Yvonne-Palmer replied, "Well I would, but employees are matched by salaries and no one at that company earns as much as I do!"

Note: Press Release originally scheduled for April 1 2012, however due to staff reductions in advertising and public relations department, CAC-TV is beginning its advertising and publicity campaign today.


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