Advertising Idea: Downsizing Companies to Reap What They Sow
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It's well-proven that word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective advertising. But marketing specialists tend to dismiss that fact by stating that word-of-mouth advertising is not for sale. I disagree.

I have a lot of friends that work for tech companies. Tech companies on solid financial ground with BIG advertising budgets. But these same companies are downsizing and unleashing powerful negative publicity for their company, such as:

Ex-employees who tell their neighbors, relatives and friends that the person servicing the computer or computer program which they designed, will be someone living in a distant country.

Both ex-employees and their friends, remaining employees, who publicly question how those Wall Street profits can be valid if the company has to cut so many positions.

Years ago, I would have hoped that corporate execs would be governed by loyalty to fellow-employees and a desire to do "the right thing." Now I simply wish that they'd realize their desire to maximize short-term profits is very bad advertising and could ultimately be their own undoing.


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